Huadian Lighting attended at Hong Kong International Lighting Fair

Huadian Lighting attended at Hong Kong International Lighting Fair

Date: November 4, 2019

From April 6th to April 9th, the 11th Hong Kong International Spring Lighting Fair hosted by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council was held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. As one of the most important exhibitions in the lighting industry, the exhibition attracted more than 1,430 exhibitors from 13 countries and regions around the world, refreshing the record of exhibitors and presenting diversified lighting products and technologies to global buyers.

Shenzhen Huadian Lighting Co., Ltd., as a leader in the lighting industry, presented many boutiques to the exhibition site. we were also one of the most eye-catching exhibition areas at the show.

We will meet you in Hong Kong and have a wonderful experience. Let’s review the style of Huadian Lighting.

At the beginning of the exhibition, with the brand charm of Huadian, exquisite craftsmanship, excellent quality and excellent performance, the innovation ability shines at the exhibition. Self-developed LED high bay light, LED floodlights, LED stadium lights, LED gas station lights and other lighting products have been widely favored by customers. It attracts the customers from all over the world constantly.

On the first day of the opening ceremony, Huadian Lighting’s booth is bustling in the market, and the merchants are looking for high-quality products constantly . it is extraordinary, and the people who come to consult are even more endless. The staff answer the relevant questions for the customers patiently. The Huadian team are busy treating every customer in the booth enthusiastically. Their positive attitude mobilized the atmosphere and made our cooperation more intimate and happy.

At this exhibition, Huadian carry a number of classic products to the show, including the stadium lights series, UFO led high bay series, led parking lot light series, led canopy light, especially the second generation of floodlights, which is amazing, allowing customers to feel brand charming and products high-quality . After experiencing the product technology, customers not only appreciate Huadian’s novel design, but also be attracted by Huadian’s leading technology!

For the UFO shape led high bay,it is known as the miracle of industrial lighting. It has a unique and streamlined appearance, compact size, simple and elegant shape, high efficiency and energy saving, and self-contained sensing device. excellent heat dissipation and high light efficiency, easy to change lens and change the light distribution angle. it won the love and support of overseas customers.

Today, floodlights as one of the most widely used lighting sources , it can be applied to docks, squares, etc., Led lamps have become the trend of the new era with their energy saving, long life and high brightness. night illumination has gradually becomes a part of the architectural language and plays an important role in expressing architectural culture. Commonly used night illumination methods generally include floodlighting, contour lighting, accent lighting, internal light, local lighting, hybrid lighting, etc. Among them, floodlighting is one of the more common night lighting methods, and the number of lamps , location and projection angle are all key issues. In determining the position of the floodlight and the required lumen, the following factors, surface quality and color, lighting and desired effects in the surrounding area need to be considered.

The most striking of this exhibition is the second-generation floodlight products that Huadian Company independently developed and applied the patent for. With novel style, environmentally friendly design concept, advanced innovative lighting technology, exquisite craftsmanship, energy saving, durability, long life and high brightness, it has become the protagonist of this exhibition. Various wattages, color temperature and brackets are available. it can be suitable for different scenarios. The waterproof grade has also been further upgraded, and the waterproof rating has reached IP66. The merchants have been attracted by the second-generation floodlight manufacturing process and the composition of internal components. They have learned about quality inspection and the quality and innovation of Huadian lighting products. the customers are very satisfied with them.

Many exhibitors visited our booth, and many exhibitors are optimistic about Huadian Lighting’s LED products and reached a strategic partnership. Many customers do the on-site signing and pay the deposit. The products on site are also snapped up. This time, we not only receive orders, but also get praise and affirmation from many foreign exhibitors. Huadian has also attracted the attention .with its product innovation and professional service. Not only has it attracted a lot of interested customers, but also expressed the warm intention of cooperation. the picture shows our sales manager and customers are having a talk.

In this HongKong exhibition, Huadian fully demonstrated the company’s future-oriented technology and scientific and technological achievements, and fully expressed the determination and confidence of Huadian to continue to lead the lighting industry. In the deep rivers and lakes market, Huadian has always pursued the excellence and continuous improvement as its lifelong belief. In a series of innovations, technological innovation has always been placed in the first place. We hope to embrace this new force, rethink the lighting, and give wisdom and value to the lamps. Huadian will work hand in hand with the industry to do a good job and bring a better life.